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Beehive is an online forum/message board system with several powerful features. Beehive is an open-source project for creating a high-configurable frame-based discussion forum. Almost every aspect of Beehive is customisable to some degree, from the forum's name right down to how many posts per page each user wants to see, and with everything inbetween, including guest accounts, user profile catagories, your start page, your top frame, user's signatures, language packs, forum styles and emoticon sets - and if you don't like those that come as standard, it's easy to create add your own!

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  • النسخة : 1.5.2
  • تاريخ الاصدار : 05-11-2016
  • المساحة المطلوبة : 10.93 ميغابايت

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